About Us

Doug Engineering specializes in engineering projects pertaining to solar photovoltaic (PV) module installations. Ten years of experience in the solar PV industry has given Doug Engineering the ability to adapt to new innovations and industry standards for solar. Solar PV projects range from residential, to commercial, industrial and institutional building as well as gound mounted fixed and tracking systems. Practical application, as well as ground up experience in the industry has allowed us to also work with the installers to develop better installation methods and optimize structural supports for the panels which meet and exceed code standards.
Solar PV Projects designed/completed with the engineering support from Doug Engineering:
• Constellation Wines Warehouse – Gonzales, CA – 1.2MW – extruded aluminum racking – largest solar PV installation for a winery at the time

constellation wines warehouse

• Sierra Aluminum – Fontana, CA – 800kW – extruded aluminum racking
sierra aluminum

• Sunset Moulding – Chico, CA – 500kW – custom ground-mount steel tracking system
• MHPCC – Maui, HI – 2.2 MW – custom ground-mount steel tracking system
• Port of Sacramento – 684 kW – extruded aluminum racking
• Turner Road – Gonzales, CA – 500kW – custom ground-mount steel tracking system
• Fairfield Ford – Fairfield, CA -222kW – extruded aluminum racking
• Del Oro High School – Loomis, CA – 463kW – extruded aluminum racking
del oro high school

• University of Washington Bothell – 50kW – Pole mounted PV modules – structural attachment to existing concrete pillars
• Middle College High School – Los Angeles CA – 80kW – custom stanchion design, custom racking design using unistrut and Unirac railing
• Beverly Hills Residence – 68 kW – custom stanchion design, custom racking design using unistrut and Unirac railing
• Over 15,000 rooftop installations varying between 2kW and 10kW
• Over 200 – Ground-mount PV installations using Ground-Trac system

About the Principal
After graduating from Cal Poly SLO with a Bachelor of Science-Civil Engineering in 2002, Doug Morales attended UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering where he obtained his master’s degree. In August 2003, Doug launched his career as an Engineer at Richard Brady and Associates, a national design and commercial engineering firm. His duties included design engineering and analysis for structures of multiple building materials including timber, masonry, concrete and steel.
August 2005, Doug moved into the dry utility consulting industry with Morrow Management, where he was a Project Manager and Engineer of Record. As a Project Manager, Doug facilitated projects and developed relationships as the lead dry utility consultant for Shea Homes, Lewis Operating Corporation and many other developers. This experience was valuable for the large scale project analysis and management on both the residential and commercial projects which can be directly integrated into the PV industry.
Doug received his professional engineering license in February 2006 and in January 2008, Doug started a new corporation and started doing business as Doug Engineering, focusing on structural engineering for residential improvements and small commercial structures. He is currently building a loyal client base through a commitment to customer service and efficiency.
Doug is a state licensed Civil Engineer in California and Arizona.