Why Us?

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Our service is unbeatable

With a 24-48 hr turn around time we know what the client/contractor is looking for.

A happy customer is a customer that is going to give you better qualified leads.

Both Engineering & Design are handled within the same 24-48 hr time frame. No extra wait time.

We take care of all city corrections free of charge.

Our individually assigned project managers handle each job with the same amount of importance as the next.

We currently service +50 contractors in all of California. We have also serviced clients in Georgia, Arizona, Nevada and the list continues growing. 8 of our top Clients are on the Solar Power World top 100 Nationally.

Doug engineering specializes in engineering projects pertaining to solar photovoltaic (PV) module installations. More than 7 years and over +10,000 jobs of experience have given Doug Engineering the ability to adapt to new innovations and industry standards for solar. Solar PV projects range from residential, to commercial, industrial and institutional building. Doug Engineering has experience working on both roof mount and Ground-mount PV projects. Practical application, as well as ground up experience in the industry has allowed us to also work with the installers to develop better installation methods and optimize structural supports for the panels which meet and exceed standards.

Over the last 5 years, our design team has provided services for over 10,000 homeowners and will provide expertise in optimizing every single design so that the homeowner will maximize their production.  We know that each project is unique and given this experience will make every effort to provide solutions to almost any issue.  There is no project too big or small as we have designed 80kW systems all the way down to 1.5kW systems.  Our experience includes flush mount and tilted panels installed on the rooftop, ground mounted arrays, pole mounted arrays, patio covers, and carports, covering all types of systems.